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Website Advertising Guide

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring this website!

How it Works:

The website you were viewing can display banner ads across all pages. The distribution is even across all pages, including the homepage and e-bulletin.

To place an ad, please contact Carl Gerhardt at The rate is $250 per year.


Since ads are displayed on the right hand panel, there are size limitations, which are as follows:


Width: Maximum of 150 pixels


Format of ads can either be graphic images or text.


You can provide a website address which your ad will hyperlink to. This can be your homepage or any existing page within your site. You can also choose

to provide your e-mail address, instead.

Submit an Ad:

Please provide the following information to be used in your ad:

For Ad:

1.         Your company name.

2.         Either your URL or your email address.

3.         Ad style: text or image.

4.         Text to be used if text style is selected or image id image is selected.

5.         Image width: between 45 t0 150 pixels inclusive.

6.         Start date of ad. End date will be 1 year later.

7.         Select location of ad (any or all): Home page, Bulletin, All secondary pages.

8.         Any special instructions.

For Sponsor:

1.         Contact Name.

2.         Address including street (or P.O. Box), City, and State.

3.         Contact phone number.

4.         Contact fax number (if available).